Free London Tours

Free London Tours

London offers thousands of magnificent tourist events, but London is characterized by the cost of the precious tourism. It may require tourism in London a lot of money, especially when you visit the famous and unique landmarks. Therefore, we would like to offer this quick guide, which aims to guide the tourist who does not want a lot of money regardless During his visit in London, but wants to visit central and important milestones. Before you list showing 10 of the most fascinating events that can free practice in the fields of theater and the arts and historical monuments and majestic, natural, cultural and others.
Begin your journey here and explored with us 10 exciting free events in London!

1. Chinatown “Chinatown” | China Central London

The best day to visit this entertaining Chinatown is Sunday and until late at night since the early morning hours, and enjoy the civilization of the Chinese central London English. Bursting Chinatown offers entertainment, including music and theater that are held in various streets in the neighborhood. In addition, you can visit many of the popular Chinese restaurants Statistics. Restaurants and Chinatown in London from gourmet Chinese restaurants in the world.

2. Kensington Gardens | Royal Gardens

Many of the tourists Kensington Palace Kensington Park is used as a location to escape the noise and atmosphere of London flagrant, being considered the green lung in the heart of London. It is full of natural spaces and picturesque lakes, gardens, trees and beautiful flowers are held on a daily basis many free events for the whole family, especially for children.

3. The British Museum | Tour in the wake of the most fascinating civilizations of the world

Many London museums are open to the public free of charge and the most important of the British Museum, which offers one of the largest collection of artifacts Pharaonic ancient Egyptian monuments, as it includes within it a rare glimpse of the history of the Romanian Empire and a priceless collection of the effects of civilizations, Babylonian and Assyrian in addition to many of the ancient civilizations of the world . Visit this strange to spend a full day between important historical relics museum.

4. Buckingham Palace | Changing the famous Guard ceremony

One of the most prominent heritage and tradition in Britain is the changing of the guard ceremony in front of Buckingham Palace, the Great. Occur daily at eleven o’clock in the morning and include the full amazing display done by royalists guards who wore red uniforms with distinctive black hat and private British Royal Guard. Seen many tourists per day this FREE weather.

5. Night Hiking | Show London dazzling landmarks in the night hours

Nothing is the coolest night stroll in the streets of London until access to the famous based on the River Thames, which offers stunning views towards the three famous British landmarks, a flywheel London Lighted amazing lights, and the Palace of Westminster, who works as the headquarters of the British Parliament and Westminster Bridge and of course, Big Ben, the famous tower.

6. Brick Lane Street | Sunday shopping in the markets stunts

Sunday is the perfect day to visit the wonderful markets that are held in Brick Lane in east London. This market is characterized by the festive atmosphere and can meet many international tourists, and also stroll among the various stalls that sell clothing, home appliances and electronic parts and fine arts. Also abounds these markets Bbachinaon and Indians who sell traditional food authentic and the price is low, especially Indian curry meal appetite.

7. Farm Madashot | Zoo in central London

Madashot farm extends over a very large area in London, it attracts a day many of the families who visit to see the animals and livestock stunts in which they live. In addition, you can ride on donkeys and horses and participate in various lectures in the field of animal ecology and the world, all of which are free.

8. National Theatre | Musical performances interesting

For fans of world folk music and the wonderful jazz, this event for you! The National Theatre organized a free musical performances every day in the open courtyard of the foreign audience. This shows occur daily at 5:45 pm On Saturday at 13:45. Do not miss the opportunity!

9. Primrose Hill | London scene of the bird

This famous in the northern part of the property Regntz garden full of greenery amazing mound is located. This hill offers stunning views across some of London which includes all the famous city landmarks. It is advised to visit the mound during the hours of sunset to enjoy the most spectacular views of the beautiful city of London.

10. Large | Museums A tour of the first class

Finally, if not sufficient for events mentioned above, we recommend you to do a witch tour in the wake of the big museums in London, which is open daily free to the public, including the Tate Modern Museum of Contemporary Art, the Tate Britain for British Art, the National Gallery, which contains a set of the most important works of art in history humanity.

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