London Evening Bike Tour

Watch the sun set over the majestic river on our new River Thames Evening Bike Tour. This tour will cycle you through the heart of the city taking in many of the iconic London sites as well as getting a feel for the mystery and romance of London’s riverside by twighlight.

Don’t miss an opportunity to watch the city’s lights glistening over London Bridge from the comfy seat of one of our cruiser bikes! While the cycling is relaxed, our guests often find that it can be thirsty work so we make sure to pop into one of London’s best local pubs along the way (drink included). Also please note that while the cycling is very leisurely we do ride on the road for parts of this tour and cycling competency and confidence is required.


  • The London Eye – Despite being widely ridiculed when it first opened, the London Eye is now one of the most recognizable and loved structures in London. On a clear day, it offers you a truly spectacular, panoramic view of the city.
  • Tower Bridge – One of the most stunning and iconic bridges in the world, Tower Bridge was built nearly 60 years into the reign of Queen Victoria and during the height of the British Empire. You will have the opportunity to take photos at its most spectacular vantage point then actually get the chance to cycle across it.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral – St. Paul’s Cathedral is the defining masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren’s architectural genius. The ground upon which it is built has been considered sacred for thousands of years. In more modern times, this is where the world mourned the loss of Sir Winston Churchill and celebrated the fairytale wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War but was saved by a courageous group of volunteers called the Church Watch
  • The Tower of London – Originally built by William the Conqueror, this World Heritage site has been used as a royal residence, prison, observatory, treasury, mint, and even a zoo. The top of the list of recognizable prisoners includes: Saint Thomas More, Sir Walter Raleigh, Guy Fawkes and Anne Boleyn.
  • Shakespeare’s Globe – Have you ever used the expressions: to kill with kindness, one fell swoop, or dead as a doornail? Those and hundreds of other expressions and words (excellent, critical, lonely to name a few!) are attributed to one of the greatest Brits that ever lived. In the shadows of the historically accurate recreation of the Globe Theatre, learn about the less trumpeted side of William Shakespeare and his direct impact on our 21st century lives.
  • London Bridge – There has been a bridge here since the Roman occupation nearly 2000 years ago. Since then there have been around 10 bridges spanning the River on this sight. Some were carried away by the tides, others burnt down, others simply fell apart over the years, one was purposefully pulled down by a vengeful king giving rise to the famous nursery rhyme “London Bridge is Falling Down”.
  • A Drink in a 400 Year Old Pub – Half way through the tour let us show you one of London’s best historic pubs and treat you to drink (included!) in an establishment that has stood on the sight for the best part of 1000 years.
  • Big Ben – Attached to the houses of parliament, Big Ben actually refers to the 13 tonne hour-bell within the clock tower. London first heard the chimes on May 31, 1859.
  • The Monument – The Monument was built by Christopher Wren to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666. The magnificent 61-metre column acts as a symbol of London’s faith in itself and offers an amazing panorama of the surrounding area.
  • Leadenhall Market – (Only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday) This fantastic, off the beaten track market sits at what was once the centre of Roman London. The market itself has stood here for over 600 years. Here we will learn about how Roman London was reduced to a thin layer of ash by Queen Boudicca. Fans of Harry Potter will recognize it as the real life setting of Dragon Alley which was filmed on location here.


The River Thames Bike Tour spends more time on roads than our Royal London Bike Tour. The cycling is not intimidating or strenuous but if you are not a confident cyclist our Royal London Tour will be the better tour for you. Children are welcome on this tour but should be competent and confident on a bike.


  • Fully guided tour
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Drink of choice at Pub

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